My last weekend with Nordy | A Personal Story


"He might be only part of your life, for him, you are his everything, the only person in his whole life."

This is part of the pain of having a furry friend, they blaze into your life full of joy and cuddles and when they leave all too quickly they cause pain that is felt deep in the heart. 

Yesterday I laid to rest my Nordy, aka Nord Master Flex, Sir Nordy, Nord Master 5000, Fluff Master, Fluffy Mcflufferson, Stinky Man, and my personal favorite Nords. 

We had found out very suddenly that he had cancer, and with the help of medicine we were able to have a little more time with him. We were able to fill his last days with sunshine, hugs, and food.

He finally showed us it was time, and we took him to the vet and fed him treats until the end where he passed away in our arms, loved until the end.

I will forever be grateful for these last days with him.