Erin Meadows

What is your story?


Capturing the Important Stuff.


I strive to document the stories that matter, your story. These are the In-between moments. The laughs shared, the touch felt, the looks exchanged. These are the moments that make you, you. 


It is full of love...

"Erin did such an amazing job photographing our wedding. Not only was she going above and beyond to make sure she captured every single moment, but she used her creativity, professionalism, and passion so that we can relive our special day through our photos. I loved how she was always there when she saw others taking pictures with their cell phones, eating, dancing, and just enjoying all of our guests. I couldn't have picked a more perfect photographer for our wedding. Erin knew the style of photos we were looking for, paid attention to detail, and gave overall, great customer service. We are so thankful for Erin! We definitely recommend her and can't wait to work with her in the future. Thank you Erin!."

— Alexandria Valentine (Bride)


...and adventure.




Will you let me tell your story?